A step closer

30 Mar

This year January I took my first step towards my dream of becoming a F1 racer by taking the basic course in GoKarting from Indikarting Pune.

When ‘Indikarting National Series’ was announced in the month of April, I was confident that this series will help me move a step closer to my dream.

With help of my father I registered for interschool category in round 4 of the series to be held in Ludhiana on 28 and 29 of May 2016. I was really excited about the race.

Finally, the qualifier racing day (28 May 2016) arrived and we got into our karts and had 5 minutes of cold run being judged on fastest lap to ascertain our racing positions in final race.

Though, I was a little disappointed with my performance as I got fourth position, my spirits were still strong as I knew I have to do well in the final race.

On the race day, when we got to the grid my heart was pumping fast but my mind was working out the strategy to get ahead of others.

As soon as the race lights got switched on, I put the strategy in action and was able to overtake number 3 racer before first turn.

Now, it was only the matter to better my position in the next 10 laps. It was a really tough competition as the racers ahead of me were really good
and I could not over take them despite my best effort. I finished third in the race with difference of a few seconds.

The saving grace for me was podium finish in my very first race. This also got me a place in National Finals (Interschool category) to be held at Delhi in June.

While I am now a step closer to my dream, it will require persistent effort, training and performance to move towards it consistently.

“Passion will move men beyond themselves beyond their shortcomings beyond their failures” ~ Joseph Campbell

Adheet Parashar

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